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fortune and prosperity. they have been taken down. they believe burglars select their homes because of it. they say the steals stole $20,000 worth of gold jewelry. she says like to keep gold in their homes, passed down from many generations. jewelry was you can the most precious items she had passed down from her mother. >> there's nothing i can keep for her remembrance. >> reporter: now all she is the memory she can't erase. >> this is something i remember each moment of my life. >> reporter: you won't be seeing a lot of ornaments in the front of the houses of indian americans and they say they have taken their gold to the bank, a more secure area. fairfax county police are saying they do not have more suspects an believe there could be more victims out there. 9 news now and >> thank you for that. police are looking for this man responsible for a roar -- rash of break ins in the belten
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area. police gave us these security cameras. if you recognize the suspect, police want to hear from you on their tip line, 703-228-4242. the murder conviction of the mastermind behind the dc sniper attacks has been upheld. the federal appeals court rejected an appeal by john allen muhammad. mohammad was sentenced to death in 2003. today's ruling could clear the way for his execution. he and his accomplice killed ten people in the fall of 2002. malvo who was 16 at the time received a life sentence. there's word tonight that eunice kennedy liver is in the hospital in critical condition. the 88-year-old sister of john f. kennedy is in a cape cod hospital. she is well-known for founding the special olympics. an alarming fire that destroyed a mansion in chain bridge dc. we learned today that washington city government and
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the fire department don't know for sure what areas of the district maybe susceptible to the same kinds of water pressure problems that crippled firefighters last week. gary has the the details. >> a week long investigation concluded that firefighters didn't have enough water and water pressure. >> the hydrants do not put out enough water to combat a fire of that size. >> the city does not know all areas where similar water problems could impede firefighters the report saying it must identify areas that have low water flow. >> find the next chain bridge road so it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: we asked residents what they think of the report that the city doesn't know which areas have water problems. >> they should know. they should be on top of that. >> it initially sounds shocking but i trust our city and its services. >> reporter: they own an adams
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morgan restaurant. >> they best get on it, hadn't they? and figure it out. >> i think it is terrible and it is mandatory they find out what is going on. >> the city plans to show digitized maps showing which hydrants are connected to which water mains. >> it will quickly within minutes be able to identify where the large flow areas are and then start to point the trucks in that direction. >> reporter: the city plans to provide digitized maps showing firefighters which hydrants are connected to which mains. this city i fied 30 areas with water trouble spots but did not comply with our request to see that list. the report makes it clear the city simply doesn't know for sure which neighborhoods are at risk in washington of the same kind of water troubles we saw
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last week. >> thank you for that followup. well, after a comfortable day mother nature is about to turn things around a bit. tony pann is on the weather terrace. >> last night temperatures in the 50s in many locations and the humidity has been in the comfortable range. it will stay that way through tonight and then geanch chge as you men.enrrcut ndconsth 8 no 8 28wntown. wn annapolis. 81 hagerstown. the relative humidity is 25%. that's really nice. the temperatures tonight may dip to the upper 50sin the cooler suburbs. so a pleasant night but the humidity will go up on saturday. a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm and then we will turn up the heat. the high temperatures in the mid-90s on sunday and monday. we'll talk about that and check the seven-day forecast in detail when i come back in a few minutes. >> see you soon, tony. if you shop for school
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supplies in virginia today, congratulations york you saved money. virginia sales tax holiday for back to school supplies runs through sunday but as peggy fox tells us some people are saving on big ticket items that have nothing to do with school. >> they came from far and wide, all because of that four letter word. >> if it is free, it is for me. >> okay, things aren't actually free but you can safe some bucks. >> -- save some bucks. >> probably $15. >> it started today and runs through sunday. that means you don't have to pay 5% sales tax on anything for school. >> notebooks, pencils, pens. >> school uniforms. >> or other items retailers decide to include. >> 47-inch tv. >> nice. tax free. >> tax free? but that is on school supplies. >> you can learn a lot from tv. >> reporter: some shoppers didn't realize they just saved money. >> school clothes and school supplies. didn't have to pay any taxes.
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>> no taxes. that's great. >> because the recession has crippled their budget, dc and maryland decided they couldn't afford a tax-free holiday and gave it up. perhaps to virginia's benefit. >> we wanted to go to a store locate in dc but we didn't because we knew out here was tax free. >> reporter: shoppers are expected to save $4 million, tax dollars that won't make it to the state commerce. >> with so many people hurting we want to help small businesses that have been hurting and families to have their kids prepared for school. >> reporter: the holiday is expected to generate $100 million in sales for virginia merchants. in alexandria, peggy fox, 9 news now and >> with students across the country getting ready to return to school this month the government is setting up guidelines to prevent the spread of the h1n1 flu. the schools won't be so quick to close their doors this time
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around. are around. 7-year-old katlin knows her best defense against the swine flu. >> when i heard about it last time, i saw wash your hand signs. >> reporter: the government wants katlin's school to be ready to prevent the spread of the h1n1 virus when she shows up on the first day. >> we hope no schools will have to close but realistically some will close this fall. >> reporter: the cdc says those who are sick don't have to stay home as long. the recommendation used to be a week and now it is 24 hour after the fever breaks. 700 schools shut their door ms. in new york. this time around the government advises schools only with high risk students or severe outbreaks should consider closing. they want them to prepare now to be h1n1 vaccination sites. she will make sure her son gets in line. >> a great way to get everyone on board. it is a joint effort especially with the school. >> it will be a series of two shots in addition to the shot for the regular flu.
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for now katlin's mom will take usual precautions. >> we are trying to be careful. if we use the wipes in the backpack and hand sanitizer and 20 seconds of hand washing. >> a vsv vaccine won't -- a h1n1 vaccine won't be ready for the start of the school year but should be available in october. >> we will see how local school systems are reacting to the recommendation. a former miss maryland will be sentenced in november. she pled guilty in montgomery county to obstructing a police investigation. shorts was crowned miss maryland usa in 2004. she had been charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine and drug possession charges. her boyfriend, his brother and their 67-year-old mother were also arrested. the gunman who killed three women in a pittsburgh area health club bought accessories for a gun from sothlddealer who sold a weapon to virginia
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tech gunman. officials say george sodini bought his weapon legally. the dealer who stole them is operating with investigators. you'll recall joe bought his 22 caliber handgun two months before killing 32 people at virginia tech. two drivers, two drivers struck and killed a pedestrian this morning in woodbridge. it happened around 5:30 on route 1. the man was crossing the street when he was hit by two vehicles. police say he was not at a cross walk. the drivers of both cars stayed on the scene and no charges have been filed. the road was closed for three hours. more speed cameras are coming to maryland. montgomery county is the only jurisdiction with the cameras but a new law authorizing them statewide in school and highway work zones goes in to affect and that happens on october 1st. new jurisdictions like shopeafl new rronolca altndfrederick are maki in emem in ay >>. ay
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a re pangvingproject caus heaccouladfo headache for drivers on i- 270 and eram lann icioeg american legion bridge. traffic will amduretoonced e . to:0 3 etweon 10:00 annier btsenn 10w 5:00 and ndaysus through thursdays. federal stimulus money is helping to pay for the project. if you take the metro you should expect more delays this weekend. on the red line, trains will share a single track which mean -- between the medical center and friendship heights station between tonight and midnight on sunday. the same thing will happen on the orange line between between the vienna fairfax and west falls church station. on sunday and the next two weeks yellow line trains will be single line tracks from 10:00 p.m. until closing. addition amly, blue line trains will not run between rosslyn and king street during those work hours. metro says the work is routine and not a result of last month's deadly train crash.
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>> talk about a goranous friday out there and relatively easy day at redskins training camp. >> that's right. only one practice today but that changes tomorrow. >> you know, training camp in a way is one giant pantomime routine. yeah, the guys are practicing four hours a day, but when it comes to hitting and tackling and the physical elements of actual football, they are just pretending. they fake tackle because they don't want to risk injury early in training camp. that ends tomorrow. the redskins will suit up on saturday for the first full intersquad scrimmage, complete with full-speed tackling and hitting and they will even keep score. the only thing off limits tomorrow is contact on the quarterback. widely they remain in the bubble wrap. outside of that, after nine days of play, the guys are ready to bring the pain. >> that's a critical part of my game. i love to hit and i like to be
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around the ball. tomorrow is a chance to get a lot of tackling. >> first time tackling. everybody is live except the quarterback. so you have to put some wood on some people. welcome the news guy, welcome to the nfl kind of deal. >> the guys are itching to hit somebody. as you mentioned just one practice today and it was a special teams only affair and only lasted an hour. so obviously the coach zorn letting the guys take it easy getting ready for tomorrow's scrimmage. we will have more later in the hour including a redskins rookie who played offense his entire life and now playing defense for the skins. for now live at redskins park, back to you. >> thank you. coming up, why tomorrow's swearing in of sonia sotomayor will mark not just one but two firsts for a u.s. supreme court justice. the it latest un-- the latest unemployment numbers could sign a turn in the economy. that story coming up. fa
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[ applause ] a triple-digit rally to end the week on wall street. the dow finished the day up 113 points to close at 9370. the nasdaq climbed 27 and the s&p 500 rose 13. unemployment is down, but not by much. still, many are hopeful it is a sign the nation's economy is turning around. >> christophe miller was heading up the career ladder when the recession hit home. >> i thought i was on the right path and within a few years i would have that corner office and then the bottom dropped out. >> reporter: miller lost his
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public relations job last october and he is still looking for work. so are more than 14 million americans but the latest report shows the worse maybe over. the stock market celebrating with a triple-digit rally after news the unemployment rate dropped unexpectedly from 9.5 to 9.4% in july. 247,000 jobs were cut, but that's the lowest number in a year. still, small comfort in industries like construction where jobs are tight. >> jobs have stalled, bidding process -- you know you go through the whole bidding thing and basically once the numbers come in they put it on hold. >> reporter: whether it is 9.5 or 9.4% unemployment, blue collar workers say times will be tough. >> we won't rest until every american that is looking for work can find a job. >> reporter: christophe miller hopes to return to his job but he is out of time and heading to houston to join the family
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roofing business. >> the thought of texas to live is a little overwhelming but i have to pay the bills. >> reporter: for now his job troubles are over and the white house hopes the same will be true for the rest of the country. >> if you are looking for a new job we have tips to make sure you are prepared for that next interview coming up. it is official, car shoppers now have more time to turn in their clunkers for cash. president obama signed a $2 billion extension in to law this morning after the senate voted to extend the program to labor day. it gives car owners up to $4,500 to trade in their gas guzzler for a fuel efficient vehicle. sonia sotomayor will be sworn in tomorrow as the first supreme court justice that is hispanic and the first to take the oath of office in front of television cameras chef won confirmation by a 68-31 vote.
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president obama plans to welcome her to the white house next week. anita? >> if anyone out there in our viewing audience hasn't been outside today they are missing out. digital correspondent greg checks out how people were enjoying this lovely day in arlington. >> it is a beautiful day, not too hot. it is his birthday. >> fabulous day. we're having a great time. >> i'm going on the red one right now. >> the summer camps select one day a week to bring the kids to the pool. >> very good day to end the week in a nice cool way. >> wonderful park. >> got off work early and i'm enjoying the sun. >> i came to relax.
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my sister will meet me and we will catch up and get ready for the weekend. >> you have to ride it, too. >> couldn't be better. >> it is not too humid, not too hot. water is fine. the air is nice and cool. it is great. >> days like this are the definition of summer. >> can we go? can we go now? the aquatic center is close by. we could be there quickly. >> the whole summer has been fantastic for the most part. we have had maybe like six days of 90 degrees or over if you counted all the way back and it is very unusual. now a little taste of what we missed. >> change it up a little bit. >> yeah. >> enjoy it. >> last night dropped in the 50s. and over the weekend the overnight lows could be close to what some of you are experiencing as highs today. >> what? >> i think the overnight low temperatures like sunday night
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maybe upper 70s, 80s. in the afternoon temperatures wait until you see that. the three day trend n the sunday 95. that's what it will feel like for you. as we make the transition on saturday it will be a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. tonight it will be nice. temperatures will drop, i think at least briefly in to the 50s in some spots. especially in the northwest suburbs, but it will be a dramatic change tomorrow. by the time we get in to saturday, a mixture of sunshine and clouds. slight chance of shower or thunderstorm and the high temperatures will climb, upper 80s and low 90s in most spots and that will feel cool by the time we get in to sunday and monday. high pressure in control right now. that's bringing us the beautiful evening. the dew points are running in the 40s at the present time. that's why it feels so nice out there. the relative humidity 29%. the dew point at national is 43. 84 is the actual air
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temperature. a nice west wind drying things out right now at nine or ten miles an hour. some other numbers, generally in the low 80s. 83 fredericksburg. 81 at bwi. but it is only 79 degrees at the patuxent naval air station. a little bay breeze kicking in there. if we expand the view you can see a dome of heat building in. notice right on the northern fringe of that dome of heat is cool temperatures, 68 minneapolis saint paul. only 66 in chicago. and right along that boundary we have seen some thunderstorms flair up. that line of thunderstorms may hold together and make it down here i think by tomorrow morning. so a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms to start the day on saturday, but then that jet stream will move to the forth and the heat will get a chance to visit us on sunday and monday with high temperatures expected again in the mid-90s both days. a slight chance of thunderstorms on monday afternoon but the best chance of rain will be on tuesday with strong cold front. this is not going to be a big
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heat wave or anything like that. but two days in a row this summer is a big deal, i think with temperatures in the mid- 90s and heat index near 100 on both days but by the time we get in to middle of next week it will be gone and the temperatures nice and cool again. just two days of what i call smokin' hot weather. >> i like the big dome of heat. >> big dome of heat. >> sounds dramatic. >> going to feel that way, too. coming up, democrats fight back after town hall forums on health care turn in to shouting matches. >> fighting the health care message war. the white house puacessh nsaitown hall protesters. i'm joel brown. it is coming up. when my wife started forgetting things...
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the doctor said it could be alzheimer's. i didn't want to believe it. but that night at the bowling alley... where's alice? oh, there she is! she seems a little confused.
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that's when i knew... i couldn't wait. our doctor told us prescription aricept... is the only treatment proven effective... for all stages of alzheimer's. studies showed aricept slows the progression of symptoms. it improves cognition... and slows the decline of overall function. aricept is well tolerated but not for everyone. people at risk for stomach ulcers... or who take certain other medicines... should tell their doctors... because serious stomach problems... such as bleeding, may get worse. some people may experience fainting. some people may have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bruising, or not sleep well. some people may have muscle cramps... or loss of appetite or may feel tired. in studies, these were usually mild and temporary. we really love this place. talk to your doctor about alzheimer's treatments... including aricept. don't wait. alzheimer's isn't waiting.
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fab@b@fa i'm howard bernstein with the living green tip of the day. take a minute to look through your refrigerator. we are throwing away an average of 30% of the money we spend on food because we forget what we buy. next time you go to the store, make sure you have a list on what you need. avoid impulse buys. make yourself a food budget and stick with it and try to eat
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those leftovers. forgetting about food in the fridge wastes energy to keep it cool and wastes the food if it goes bad. for more tips, go to and just click on living green. he is living green and living smart. >> how do we combine the two. at town hall meetings on health care they are turning in to shouting and screaming matches. >> they say it is part of a campaign to stop health care reform in its tracks. republicans say people are angry at president obama's plan. joel brown has more from both sides. >> reporter: town hall meetings on health care have turned in to full-scale shout fests. >> some protesters are shoving their way in. to loudly voice their opposition in washington's efforts for health care reform. rick scott insists the anger is real. >> i think the reason is, it is
5:26 pm
health care. >> reporter: he founded a group called conservatives for patients rights he used to be the ceo of a health care company that was fined a billion dollars for overbilling and now his group is among the leading spenders fighting president obama's health care reform effort. he says the noisy disruptions are just the national response to a possible massive power grab by the government. >> reporter: the american public has done what they should have done. they have been educated about the bill and they are showing up and telling people what they think. >> reporter: but they liken the protesters to angry mobs. fearing it is losing the message war, the white house is arming democrats with talking.s to help lawmakers cope with noisy disruptions at events back in their home states. california democrat barbara boxer says she can't quiet the loud protests. she says they need to stay focused on fixing health care. >> every day people are told your insurance company is
5:27 pm
walking away from you because you are sick. that's my battle. my battle isn't with the people who are screaming. >> reporter: with the debate unsettled, they see these months as crucial as shaping public opinion. after of the battle is getting the opinion heard. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. >> when an employer comes calling, will you be prepared for that interview. after the break, tips on how to keep those skills sharp when the new job finally comes along. e arincallg thisso are cal a can. i will have the story. at ut. - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut.
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- woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut. welcome back. here are the top stories in the news now. police are looking for a band of burglars targeting inian americans. they have hit at least 16 homes in fairfax and loudoun counties. some victims believe they are being targeted for their jewelry in particular gold typically passed down through the generations. a followup to that fire that destroyed a mansion on chain bridge road last week. firefighters could not get enough water pressure on the flames quick enough.
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and dc officials say there are other areas in the city with similar problems but they don't know where they are for sure. they will test neighborhood by neighborhood to find the troubled spots. with students across the country getting ready to return to school next month, the government is setting up new guidelines to help prevent the spread of the h1n1 flu. the guidelines include setting up separate areas for students and staff who come to school sick, or develop symptoms after they get to school. most of us pop open a can of soda, counting on a jolt of caffeine. now a similar beverage is supposed to relax you and help some people fall asleep but some are comparing it to pot. digital correspondent lindsey mastis has the story. >> reporter: it is called drank and it is rolling its way in to controversy. some call it cannabis in a can. >> this drink contains no cannabis but the question is does it make you feel the same way marijuana does. we went to the experts to find
5:32 pm
out. >> i'm with the marijuana policy project in washington, d.c. and i use marijuana. >> reporter: we had him try it out. >> it tastes like an energy drink. >> reporter: the can contains a warning label for drowsiness. some ingredients include melatonin, rose hips and valerian root. but a dietitian questions some of the ingredients. >> there are two forms of sugar. >> innovative beverage group defended his drink over the phone today. >> it is designed to basically not get you high but basically help you relax at the end of the day and not have to reach for a beer or glass of wine. >> reporter: now back to this man. after ten minutes he says he doesn't feel high or drowsy. >> no. i'm not tired. ready to work through the rest of my day. >> in washington, lindsey mastis, 9 news now and >> drank is sold in area
5:33 pm
convenient stores. it is also sold on-line by the case. the cost is 1.60 a can. the wife of south carolina governor mark sanford and their four sons are moving out. the first lady jenny sanford and other women moved out clothing and boxes from the mansion in columbia today. she released a statement saying she is moving to the family home but will continue to work on her marriage. the first lady began to live there at the end of the four weeks before her his ban publicly admitted he had been having an affair. >> intelligence officials believe the top taliban commander was killed. pakistan's most wanted criminal is blamed for the 2007 assassination of former prime minister bhutto. the pakistani afghanny
5:34 pm
border can be called the front line in the war on terror these days. joining us is bob schiffer and the host of "face the nation." bob, i understand your guests this week will be talking a lot about national security. >> we certainly are. our lead guest will be the national security adviser jim jones who was just in afghanistan about a month or so ago. we want to get the latest on what is happening there. because we are getting reports here that the u.s. commanders are saying things are really in a mess and they may be getting ready to ask for a big increase in troops there. mind you, they are doing this now. no decisions have been made. but more and more we are hearing that coming from both overseas and from the pentagon. that's one of the things they will talk about. but the main thing we want to talk about is what exactly was the release of these two american journalists from north korea all about and what
5:35 pm
happens next. so far, the government is said very little about that. but clearly this was significant development. does it take us to another place here? is it a one-time deal? that's what nobody really knows right now. that's what we hope to explore. >> also, former president clinton's role in all of that. very interesting, thank you so much. you can watch face the nation this morning at 10:30 after cbs sunday morning. unemployment eased last month but millions of americans still out of work could have months of job hunting ahead. how do you keep your skills sharp when you are out of the work place? we have ways to make the most of a long layoff. a job loss can be traumatic. >> it was horrible. it was totally out of the blue and unexpected. >> reporter: in a tough economic climate, the job hunt is a daunting task. >> going on-line, making phone calls, contacts, sending out resumes. >> what is out there people are
5:36 pm
holding on to right now. just the way the economy is. >> reporter: it is tempting to make it a full-time priority but future employers want to see you get up and away from your computer. >> the worst thing you can do is position yourself as someone who has been applying this entire time but you have not applied yourself. you have simply been applying for positions. >> reporter: career experts say to expand your network wherever you can. >> alumni 14 for example, social network, being part of a professional association and attending professional association meetings so right away you are meeting more people. >> taking a class or mentoring students in your field can give a boost too your resume and keep you engaged in a routine. >> make sure you are deeping a schedule and even when you are not working you are doing something every day. >> reporter: when you meet with a future employer, they say to leave your layoff in the past. >> the employer doesn't really care about that. they want to know why were you successful in the past and how will you be successful with
5:37 pm
them the future. >> reporter: in washington, 9 news now and >> if you are looking for a new job you can find listings on our website at just click on living green to get to our jobs page and you'll find out why you don't have to be an environmentalist to land a green job in the new economy. firefighters rescue two window washers dangling from a long beach, california high- rise. the workers platform slipped 8:30 this morning. fortunately they were wearing safety harnesses. one was quickly rescued and the other man held on to the platform 45 minutes before he was raised 15 feet though roof and rescued. neither worker was seriously hurt. an old boat house went up in flames on the coast of massachusetts. the fire broke out in a two- story home just before 11:00 this morning. unclear if it was actually occupied. no one was hurt. the home was destroyed. a large water main break shut down part of new york city
5:38 pm
this morning. water from the broken 12-inch main at west broadway and main street in lower manhattan closed streets within a three block radius. water was up to four feet deep in some areas. they waited on city buses until crews could get a handle on the messy situation. did cocaine kill tv pitchman billy mays? we have new information on his sudden death and it keeps your lawn manicured and could be hazardous to your health. more in "living $mart." and bret is live at redskins camp. if you are a look key at training camp up to keep your head down, do your work and stay away from controversy. unfortunately that has not worked out for cody glen. how this rookie is working hard to shed the baggage he came to the redskins with and launch his pro career. his story is coming up. beautiful day today. we will change things over on
5:39 pm
the weekend. we have been talking about hot lo tumheat obe ne n rstoth okat the numbers on the top thofe hour. a to y the sa y asthe least. relative mihudity in the 25% range. stay tuned. seven-day forecast is coming up next.
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when you think of dangerous tools an the house a lawn mower may not come to mind but you should. one family learned how dangerous this common device could be. >> it scared me so much. my whole life was frozen in fear. >> we were playing in if backyard and he was cutting the grass and we were running around. >> and then -year-old kenly ran
5:42 pm
toward the riding mower. she slipped and her legs got caught underneath it. >> i was crying so hard. and because it was so like scary to see all of that blood. >> this isn't be happening. did my 6-year-old daughter get her legs pulled up under a lawn mower today. >> reporter: but accidents involving lawn mowers and tractors happen too 0 often. she is one of 77,000 people rushed to emergency rooms each year. doctors at this hospital treat five to ten people each mowing season. >> the classic story is there was a clog and i was going to free it up a little bit and the hand or sleeve gets pulled in toe lawn mower. >> reporter: the blade tips can exceed 200 miles an hour. >> mowers today have safety features that will prevent you from contacting the blade. never disable any of these or override them. >> reporter: flying objects
5:43 pm
also pose a danger. to demonstrate, consumer reports mowed golf balls and sharp pieces through 100-yards away. it is another reason to keep children and pets away from mowing. after eight surgeries she faces more. her parents hope that telling her story helps others. >> i think of it every day. and every day i wish it didn't happen. but it did. and it -- i don't want it to happen to anyone else. >> reporter: here's another important safety precaution. don't drink and mow. a consumer report surveys says 12% of people drink beer while they cut their grass, but that can impair your judgment and reaction time. for more consumer news you can use, go to our website at and click on living smart. before his death, michael jackson's doctor gave the pop star multiple sedatives along
5:44 pm
with a powerful anesthetic the singer used to sleep but a law enforcement official is telling the associated press now the doses were within the normal range. but however, even atth at level the sedative can intensify how a person is breathing. they say the assertion that the doctor give him multiple drugs is ridiculous. cocaine contributed to the death of billy mays. the medical examiner's report says that an autopsy shows he used cocaine days before his death. he dade of a heart attack in his sleep back in june. the report says although mays died of heart disease, cocaine was a contributing factor. 9 news now at 6:00 was about 15 minutes away. here's a look at what we have new tonight. you could call it fingertip crime fighting. how you can protect yourself and your community through your cell phone. and a park honoring one of dc's most favored sons is one
5:45 pm
step closer to completion. and see how vinegar, yes, vinegar can be used for more than just cooking. that is coming up in our living smart focus at 6:00. right now i think we need to give you an ovation for this beautiful friday. >> oh, thank you. >> i'll take it back because it is only going to last one day. >> take it back. >> gorgeous today. it was nice last night. beautiful today and it will be nice for one more time period i guess we will call it. after that we will crank up the heat a little bit. but the whole summer has been nice. we you look back at the summer of 2009 you will say it wasn't that bad. even though we will be at 95 for a couple of days as we head in to next week. start with the three-day trend. the humidity will go up along with the temperatures on saturday. in the mid 80s today and tomorrow close to 90 and then the heat comes in. the heat index on both days, sunday and monday will be likely near 100 degrees. haven't said that once so far this summer. i think we will say it twice
5:46 pm
now. clear to partly cloudy skies tonight. pleasant. the temperatures again will drop back in to the upper 50sin the cooler suburbs. mid 60sin the city. sunset 8:18. during the day tomorrow the winds will shift to the south increasing the humidity. a slight chance of a couple of showers or thunderstorms and that's just in the afternoon. could be a couple in the morning. highs between 87 and 92 and a chance of rain will come in because of the warm air moving in from the south. right now high pressure is moving in from the northwest and that's keeping things mild and pleasant. dew points in the 40s. very unusual for this time of the year. that produces humidity of 29% at national airport. it is 84 there. so with a breeze out of the west it feels very nice this evening. 79 degrees at the patuxent naval air station. 80 winchester. 83 fredericksburg. you can see a big dome of heat building in the midwest. 93 kansas city.
5:47 pm
98 dallas. but north of there the temperatures drop off almost 30 degrees. in the 60s in minneapolis and chicago and on that boundary we see thunderstorms develop and that cluster will track to the southeast and perhaps voice us in the morning. it will be right on the boundary klein between the warm and mild air. eventually everything will lift to the north and the shot stuff will visit us for a couple of days but it won't last very long. as has been the case for most of the summer when the heat comes around to visit it doesn't stick around long. heat index around 100 on sunday and monday and then a cold front on monday night and tuesday with showers and thunderstorms and that will get rid of the heat. 80s by the middle of next week. we will dahl it smokin' hot for a couple of days and then after that okay. veteran redskins use training camp to prepare for the season. >> the rookies use it to try to grab a roster spot with the team. brett haber has the story of
5:48 pm
one of those hopefuls. >> reporter: if you are a college football fan, you may remember cody glen as a standout running back at the university of nebraska. but that is not where he will be here with the redskins. glen was picked in the fifth round by the team in this year's draft as a linebacker, and as dave owens reports tonight, changing positions is just part of a roller coaster camp for this rookie. >> on the day before the team's first and last scrimmage, cody glen is going about his business and that's how he likes it. >> i'm not a big talker. i just come to work, do what i'm 0 supposed to do. >> reporter: the rookie out of nebraska is trying to find his way after switching positions in college from running back to linebacker, it is part of a crowded house in the second line of defense. he knows special teams will be his ticket to a roster spot. >> we have a bigger group, a bigger pull of potential core special teamers and he would be certainly one of those. >> my way of getting in the door is special teams. anything i can do in practice
5:49 pm
to get on that's what i'm doing. >> reporter: the initially made news for the wrong reasons. last year he was suspended for the final six games in nebraska and he said it was for selling ticks but later admitted it was false. as for the real reason. >> that is between me and the cove. >> reporter: on the field, he says he has had mentors and in terms of dealing with his past, horton gives him this advice. >> now you are here. that stuff is in the past and you move on and look forward to the next step in your life. >> reporter: at redskins park, dave owens 9 news now and dave, thank you very much. just a one-hour practice for the redskins today. special teams only as they get ready for tomorrow's first scrimmage. at 6:00. we will tell you who is not taking part in that scrimmage tomorrow and let's just say it is a long list. for now live at redskins park in ashburn, back to you. there will be a lot of people
5:50 pm
out there in the smoking heat taking it all in. >> fans want to see these guys scrimmage, don't they, bret? >> they do. after nine days of fake hitting it will be nice to see actual hitting tomorrow. >> the real deal. >> thank you. upnext, we are talking about living well on the links, helping golfers avoid injuries and advice to all of us about a key exercise we often skip. we'll be right back.
5:51 pm
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capturing the beauty of nature. sharing what i see. that's my vision. and i'm living it. every day, transitions lenses are there to help care for my sight. announcer: transitions lenses adjust to changing light to reduce glare and help protect your eyes
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from uv damage so you can see better today... and tomorrow. live your vision. transitions. healthy sight in every light. transitions lenses are available at an america's best location near you. millions of americans suffer from psoriasis. many can manage with prescriptions and ointment but when that doesn't work, doctors are using a laser to zap away the problem. >> it treats the psoriasis using a surgeon wave length of light. >> the new laser's wave length is targeting the underlying information. there is a down down side.
5:54 pm
patients need two-week treatments for at least a month and the results aren't permanent. the patches usually return three to six months later. that laser costs about $200 per treatment but the good news is that most health insurance plans will cover it. on fridays living well zeros in on fitness with our healthy hour report. tonight, for you avid golfers, and those who wish they played better, what is the one type of exercise that can improve your swing and keep you from getting hurt. we caught up with a chiropractor and golf guru in prince georges county to find out. >> i'm so addicted to it. i play at least four or five times a week. >> reporter: this doctor knows golf is about a lot more than a perfect swing. >> the process of continuing to keep my hips flexible. >> reporter: all summer long he helps avid golfers better their performance and enjoy a pain- free season. >> if we can improve the range of motion and flexibilities and
5:55 pm
identify issues before injury occurs. >> reporter: with his combined experience as a chiropractor, physical therapist and certified golf instructor he analyzes a golf ear -- golfer's risk of injury from how they play the game. >> we see shoulder pain, elbow. >> he learned the hard way you can't overlook flexibility. >> for somebody like myself who spends time lifting weight and don't work on my flexibility very much that is one of the reasons i was injured in the first place. >> reporter: he say ms. golfers need to strengthen their core. >> if we teach them to go through specific ranges of motion related to anterior front to back motion, side to side literal motion and firing their core, if they can control their core their probability of having injury is grittily reduced. >> reporter: when injuries happen, he uses rehab and
5:56 pm
chiropractic techniques like spinal manipulation and the grafton technique to restore mobility and break up scar tissue. >> if they have early extend and have a spine angle which are terms for swing fault and it causes irritation and inflammation and scar tissue will surround the joints and muscles will tighten up and it limits the ability to move. and we create some gaps by creating motion in those joints. >> reporter: helping his patients heal and get back to their favorite past time. >> lot better than i do. >> to reit rate the key message, flexibility and stretching on the golf course and pretty much any port. for more information on his sport and rehab center, head to and click on living well. i want to clarify on the psoriasis laser i said two weeks of treatment, is what i meant to say is two treatments a week for at least a month. so this is a longer stretch of
5:57 pm
treatments but it does bring results. >> thank you for that. coming up next at 6:00, the government has a new plan of attack in place ldst tkeris yeh virus strike this year. >> we are always on at stay with us as 9 news now continues on a night. abrasive on dentures? look, scratches collect and grow cause bad breath instead
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